Anne Gillion - Writer, editor, proofreaderThis Blogging Business is run by me, Anne Gillion. I'm a freelance writer, copy-editor and proofreader based in South Norfolk.

I had a long career in journalism before deciding to work for myself - and I've never looked back. Like most journalists of my generation, I started out as a local newspaper reporter, covering courts, councils and all manner of human interest stories. However, after five years of filing stories, I decided to join the pencil-sharpening team of sub-editors.

And this where the training I received really helped to prepare me for a job where an eye for detail is not only a good thing, it's absolutely crucial.  I've now notched up 26 years' experience working as a newspaper and magazine sub-editor/designer, and I bring that experience to every job I undertake - from proofreading a flyer to copy-editing a novel

I've never stopped writing and have penned many features - mainly business and travel - but now I'm channelling those skills into blogging for small businesses. Using the core principles of inbound marketing, I can deliver blog posts optimised for your keywords and tailored to your business.

Spending many years in a deadline-driven industry has taught me to work quickly and accurately. So, whatever the size of your project, you can be sure it will be treated with care  - and delivered on time.