Handy blog post checklist for all you budding bloggers (Infographic)

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You’ve decided it’s time to start a blog for your business but you literally don’t know where to begin. There’s so much information coming at you about keywords and SEO that you’re completely confused. Hopefully, this blog post checklist will help.

Let’s imagine that business is going well. You have lots of events in the pipeline, such as business fairs, farmers markets and county shows – all great ways to connect with potential customers.

But now, you want to engage with people who you can’t meet face to face, potential customers whose only contact with you is through your website. And the best way to put a human face on your business is by blogging about who you are and what you do.

Use your blog posts to educate, inform and delight

One thing you don’t want is for all your efforts to be wasted, to feel as if there’s nobody out there reading your carefully crafted words. Well, it won’t happen overnight, but to improve your chances there are certain tricks and protocols to follow, as shown in the blog post checklist below.

Ticking off this list as you go will help to optimise your blog for search engines. This, in turn, will draw more visitors to your website. And once you have informed, educated and delighted your visitors through your blog posts, it’s only a short step for them to become customers.

And remember, even if they don’t need your product or service right now, they may know someone who does. Referrals are like gold dust to all small business owners.

Blog post checklist


Let me know if this handy cribsheet has helped. Please leave your feedback in the comments box below. If you can’t face blogging yourself, have a look at the blogging services we offer here: Business Blogging and Content Writing
If you’re a visual person and you like infographics, here’s a great guide to business blogging from Simply Business called, appropriately, The Simple Guide to Business Blogging. It’s a great resource. Enjoy!


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