Making your words count

"Anne, thank you so much – you have been such a great help writing my book. Your clear understanding of the English language gained over many years as a professional editor, freelance writer and proofreader has proved invaluable – I am not sure how I could have done it without you."

– P J Griffiths, author The Milk of Human Kindness

Writing and Editing


Think of proofreading as the final tidy-up before your work goes 'live'; most of the groundwork will already have been done. A proofreader checks for accuracy and consistency – and corrects grammar, spelling and typographical errors.


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Copy editing digs a lot deeper. A copy-editor works with the raw 'copy' – anything from a CV to a novel – and makes it fit to publish. Ambiguities, legal issues, grammar, syntax, spelling and more are dealt with at this stage.


You can start a business blog from home

Business Blogging

Shopping habits have changed to the point where having a website is no longer a luxury; your business needs to be out there. Inbound marketing best practices, in the form of a well-written, regularly updated blog, will bring customers to you.


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